Do you dream of flying away?

Do you dream of flying away?

Travels, discoveries, is filled with new things to experiment, and while we are working hard on achieving it, sometimes we feel it's not going fast enough.

Why do we feel time is passing by and nothing is really changing, seeing no evolution?

As much as it must be hard to convince yourself, just know that the future is good, and trust the universe to put you on YOUR right path. It doesn't mean you should just wait around and let things happen - it won't happen. You need to provoke opportunities and chances to grab to get onboard with the person you really want to be.

Grow yourself in habits that might seem hard at first, but with very little new steps everyday.

Reward yourself for tasks you've achieved and you are proud of everyday.

Try and do the things you always wanted to do, NOW. It doesn't have to be a huge thing. Like that face mask you always wanted to try? do it now! a cake recipe you were craving for when watching on social media? do it now! a 5min meditation with relaxing music? do it now! it's only 5min. And try to start "harder" stuffs in your headlist to keep with the rythm.


I started this new habit from The Miracle Morning, that I try to adapt every day depending on my moods and my plannings. I start with 10min meditation, in which I try to focus on my respiration only. Then, I write for 5min everything I'm feeling. Follows a 5min affirmation in which I concentrate my thoughts on sentences that make me feel confident and give me hope for the future. Then 5min of reading, 5min of visualisation board, on which I have pictures and word describing the person I want to be, and finally, about 15min exercice that can be extended to 1h30.


It takes time to get use to a habit, especially when it's getting out your comfort zone. But know why you are doing it, and see your goals being closer and closer by the times is passing. The most important thing is to do it with conviction and intention. Doesn't have to be passionate to death about it, but have your mind focused and determined on what you want to have.

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